Student Eligibility Table


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Yellow Bus

Stop to School Transportation (Yellow Bus)

Students using this type of transportation are assigned to a safe predetermined bus stop at an intersection by school staff. Students use the same stop both in the morning and the afternoon. Bus route information includes pick up and drop off times: students must be at the stop when the bus arrives. Based on enrollment, schools may have multiple stops and routes to serve their students.

In order for a student to receive yellow bus service, each of the following criteria must be met:

  1. The student must be eligible for full fare transportation;
  2. The student must be in grades K-6
  3. The student's residence must be in the same district as the school (if attending a public school) or the same borough (if attending a charter or non-public school).
  4. The student's school must have yellow bus service available for all eligible students
  5. A bus stop within the student’s grade/distance eligibility exists or can be added to accommodate the student.

If each of the above criteria is met, students pre-registered for school opening will be assigned a bus stop. Parents of late-registering students may request yellow bus service at their school. School staff will check eligibility and assign the student to a stop or request a new stop through OPT.


Any student who is eligible for full fare transportation may be issued a full fare student MetroCard upon request or if yellow bus transportation is not available for that student. MetroCards are typically used by students in grade 7 and above and also distributed to students for whom yellow bus service is not available. Student MetroCards are issued by the school’s transportation coordinator, based on eligibility.


Half-Fare _ MetroCard

Students determined half fare eligible live close enough to school to walk, but may request a half fare student MetroCard through their school’s transportation coordinator. Half fare MetroCards are provided as a courtesy by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) and are valid for use on MTA buses only, and the student is responsible for paying half the current fare each way.